Avengers Infinity War Fan Cast Bollywood Version , No. 17 Will Surprise You

bollywood version avengers
Avengers Infinity War Fan Cast Bollywood Version

I wanted to do this since Avengers: Age Of Ultron came out. Before you proceed, keep in mind that everybody loves The Earth Mightiest Heroes and no one can replace them, not even bollywood avengers, this is just for fun.

fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe but this does put a smile on my face.

1. Mithun as War Machine

avengers bollywood

Mithun will perfectly fit as a Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Air Force.

2. Dhanush as Falcon

avengers bollywood

Dhanush as Sam Wilson fighting alongside Captain America will be perfect.

3. Anil Kapoor as Rocket

avengers bollywood

Imagine our Anil Kapoor as Rocket saying his tagline ‘jhakass’ in the hindi dub of Avengers Infinity War.

4. Paoli Dam as Ayo

avengers bollywood

Paoli Dam will be a good choice to play the member of Dora Milaje.

5. Sunil Thapa as Wong

avengers bollywood

Sunil Thapa can play the role of a sorcerer who does not laugh.

6. John Abraham as M’baku

avengers bollywood

Imagine John as the leader of Jabari tribe, and apart from John no one else have physique like Winston Duke in Bollywood.

7. Kareena Kapoor as Pepper

avengers bollywood

Bebo will easily handle the role of Iron Man’s love interest.

8. Cyrus Broacha as Happy

avengers bollywood

This guy will be perfect as Tony’s bodyguard.

9. Abhay Deol as Bruce Banner/Hulk

avengers bollywood

Accept it or not he does look like Mark Ruffalo.

10. Kay Kay Menon as Vision

avengers bollywood

An emotionless android that’s conflicted about its purpose, KK Menon would nail this role.

11. Pulkit Samrat as Ant-Man

avengers bollywood

Pulkit as Scott Lang. Yay ? or Nay ?

12. Rana Dagubatti as Drax

avengers bollywood

An alien with sensitive nipples who wants to kill Thanos. Rana is the man to play Drax The Destroyer.

13. Rekha as Ramonda

avengers bollywood

Rekha as the queen of Wakanda will be perfect.

14. Sanjay Dutt as Heimdall

avengers bollywood

Even though Asgrad and Bifrost are destroyed, Sanjay Dutt will be perfect for playing the role of Protector of Asgard.

15. Naved Aslam as The Collector

avengers bollywood

I present you Naved Aslam as Tivan The Collector.

16. Allu Arjun as Star Lord

avengers bollywood

Imagine Allu Arjun as Star Lord in Avengers Infinity War doing a ‘dance off’ challenge with The Mad Titan Thanos.

17. Milind Soman as Doctor Strange

avengers bollywood

He would be perfect as Stephen Strange. I wish Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange explore quantum realm and open a portal to multiverse in which Milind Soman existed as Doctor Strange.

18. Tiger Shroff as Loki

avengers bollywood

Tom Hiddleston was born to play Loki. But look at that smile, Tiger can be our Bollywood’s version of Loki.

19. Shahid Kapoor as Hawkeye

avengers bollywood

The man who never misses his target. Shahid will look good as Agent Clint

20. Rohan Shah as Spiderman

avengers bollywood

A teenager who is dealing with life problems along with saving the world. Rohan Shah will be perfect as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

21. Tata Young as Mantis

tata young

Okay! She is not an Indian actor, but you have seen her in Dhoom English Title Track . I think she will look good as Mantis.

22. Bipasha as Okoye

Wakanda Forever! Bipasha as the leader of Dora Milaje. Yay ? or Nay ?

23. Deepika as Gamora

Deepika will kill it as the deadly assasin Gamora.

24. Rajesh Khattar as Iron Man

Okay! This is a controversial one, people who don’t know him will be mad at me for this comparison. He is the official hindi dubbing artist of Tony Stark/Iron Man since the first MCU movie ‘Iron Man ‘ came. And the fans know that actually he will nail the role of Tony Stark.

25. Sunil Shetty as Bucky/Winter Soldier

Anna with his muscles and beard will make a perfect Winter Soldier.

26. Hrithik Roshan as Thor

hrithik roshan as thor

This is the fan favourite choice since day one. Greek God HR as the Norse God Thor. Perfect ✓

27. Nana Patekar as Black Panther

‘Ye Jabari ka khoon, ye Black Panther ka khoon bata kya fark hai.. are jab Devi Bast ne fark nai kiya to tu kaun hota hai’. Nana is the man to play T’Challa.

28. Priyanka as Black Widow

PeeCee will be the perfect choice to play the Indian version of Agent Romanoff.

29. Alia Bhatt as Scarlet Witch

Both Elizabeth Olsen and Alia are cute & Alia will definitely look good as Wanda.

30. Siddharth Malhotra as Captain America

Sid as Cap ? Yay or Nay ?

31. Radhika Apte as Shuri

Radhika Apte can play any role, playing the role of Shuri will not be difficult for her.

32. Kangana as Nebula

Kangana nailed it as Kaya in Krrish 3, she will be perfect as ‘the evil turned good’ Nebula.

33. Kamal Hassan as Thanos

Kamal Hassan is a versatile actor with great voice, and people who have seen Dasavathaaram will agree that he will look good as Thanos.

34. ̶V̶i̶n̶ ̶D̶i̶e̶s̶e̶l̶ as Groot

Okay! Don’t kill me for this one.

35. Disha Patani as Captain Marvel

Disha as Carol Danvers. Yay or Nay ?

36. Chitrangada Singh as Wasp

Hottie Chitra as Hope Van Dyme. Yay or Nay ?

37. Anupam Kher as Eric Selvig

Anupam Kher will be perfect for the role astrophysicist and Thor’s friend Eric Selvig.

38. Amitabh Bacchan as Hank Pym

Amitab Bacchan will play the role of Ant-Man’s mentor with ease.

39. Karishma Tanna as Maria Hill

Karishma as Agent Hill. Yay or Nay ?

40. Rajesh Sharma as Nick Fury

Rajesh Sharma is a good actor who can do different kind of roles. He can become the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and founder of Bollywood Avengers,

41. Akshay Kumar’s Cameo as Wolverine

Akshay Kumar as Superhero

Look at those Claws! Our Khiladi will be the perfect choice for Weapon X.

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