Why Mi A1 Is A Failed Experiment By Xiaomi | Top 5 Problems With Mi A1

Top 5 Problems With Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone was launched in September 2017. The phone comes with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Mi A1 was the first budget phone in India to get Android Oreo Update and after the update the device got worse.

Xiaomi launched this phone along with Google under the Android One series and this was the first Android One budget phone and also the first stock android phone from Xiaomi. Stock Android lovers bought this phone for it’s good camera. Before the Android Update there were no probelms  except few major cons like below average battery life, frequent call drops and poor low light photography.

Just 2 months after the launch, Mi A1 got a price cut of 2000 Rs. and even though it got the Oreo update very soon in India,  compared to other phones, but the update was suspended several times by Xiaomi due to bugs reported by the users. Also it should be noted that Xiaomi recently released Redmi Note 5 & Note 5 Pro which is better than Mi A1.

Below are the problems faced by Mi A1 user after the Android Oreo Update.


5.  It Lags for NO REASON.

Mi A1 Lagging


App crashes are common in Mi A1. Social Network apps like Instagram and Facebook crashes for no reason and lagging problem can be seen while playing heavy games like Injustice 2.

4. Asks PASSCODE for no reason.

Mi A1 Passcode


Few users reported that after unlocking the phone with their fingerprint, the device asks to re-enter the passcode.

3. The Phone now  HEATS UP often.

Mi A1 Heating

The phone heats up when wi-fi or bluetooth is turned on for sometime, also while playing games,using camera or google maps, the heating occurs.

2. Battery drains fast on normal usage.

Battery draining on smartphone

Mi A1 Battery backup was not very good before the Oreo update, but after the update problem got worse. The Oreo update bought the fast charge feature to Mi A1 but battery life went from below average to poor. On full charge, the phone just run for 8-9 hours.

1. The Screen becomes white in sunlight.

White Screen Mi A1

Few users of Mi A1 reported a weird problem in the device. Even with Ambient Sensor turned off, the screen becomes white in sunlight and starts blinking. It gets back to normal when the phone is moved out of sunlight.

Solution :

Few problems will only be fixed when Xiaomi releases a new software update, but most of the problems on Mi A1 can be solved by performing a hard reset on the device.


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