5 Interesting Facts About Sam Wilson (New Captain America)

sam wilson

Getting to know our new Captain America.

Here are 5 interesting facts about Sam Wilson (earlier Falcon) :-

1. First African-American Superhero

Sam Wilson was the first African American superhero in Marvel comics.
Wilson made his first appearance in the 117th issue of Captain America, published in
1969 and written by the legend himself, Stan Lee. He went on to become Steve Rogers’ sidekick
and eventually become a member of the Avengers.

2. Harlem or Delacroix?

In the comics, Sam Wilson is from Harlem, New York and actually isn’t even named
until a later issue. However, in the MCU, Wilson comes from Delacroix, Louisiana. As
seen in the limited series, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, Wilson’s family owns a
fishing business. This could be a shout-out to the actor that plays Sam Wilson, Anthony
Mackie, as he is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana.

3. He has a military background.

Much like Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson has a military background.
However, unlike Rogers and Barnes, who served in the United States Army, Wilson was
a Pararescueman for the United States Air Force. Once he is honorably discharged, he
becomes a trauma counselor for returning veterans. This is where Sam and Steve begin
their friendship.

4. Wilson and Rogers: an Unfortunate Commonality

sam wilson captain america

Wilson and Rogers share a lot of traits and life experiences, however one is quite
unfortunate. Like Rogers, Wilson also lost someone on the battlefield. Sam and his
friend, Riley, were the first to experiment with the now very well-known, wingsuit. They
used these suits in missions overseas against terrorists. Sam reveals to Steve that his
friend Riley was hit and killed by an RPG while on a mission with Sam. Sam was unable
to save him which was his main reason for retiring from the USAF. It is understood that
this experience made Sam Wilson so willing to help Steve Rogers find and save Bucky

5. The New Captain America

new captain america

At first Sam Wilson is named the new Captain America by Steve Rogers. Rogers does
this by passing Wilson the shield. However, Wilson does not feel worthy enough to fulfill
that role and retires the shield to the Smithsonian. After multiple fights with the Flag
Smashers and the new Captain America, John Walker, Sam Wilson reclaims the role and
becomes the MCU’s first African American Captain America.

By Colleen Malucci


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