How Zomato Earns Money: A Deep Dive into Its Business Model (2024)

How Zomato Earns Money


Zomato, a leading name in the food delivery industry, has revolutionized the way we experience dining. From a small startup to a global food aggregator, Zomato’s journey is a testament to innovation and adaptability. This article delves into the intricate business model of Zomato, exploring How Zomato Earns Money and how it has become a synonym for food delivery for millions worldwide.

History and Evolution of Zomato

Founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zomato started as ‘Foodiebay.’ What began as a service to digitize restaurant menus has now expanded into an international enterprise, serving over 10,000 cities across 25 countries. Renamed Zomato in 2010, the company has grown exponentially, diversifying its services beyond mere restaurant listings.

Zomato’s Business Model

At its core, Zomato’s business model is a blend of food delivery, restaurant listings, and user reviews. This model not only connects customers with a wide range of dining options but also serves as a marketing platform for restaurants. Zomato’s success lies in its ability to cater to the needs of both these segments effectively.

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How Zomato Earns Money. Revenue Streams of Zomato


How Zomato Earns Money

Zomato’s primary revenue stream comes from advertising. Restaurants pay to feature prominently on the platform, gaining visibility among Zomato’s vast user base. This targeted advertising is a win-win, boosting sales for restaurants while driving Zomato’s revenue.

Food Delivery

How Zomato Earns Money

Zomato charges a commission from restaurants on each order placed through its platform. This commission varies, depending on whether Zomato or the restaurant handles the delivery. Despite the competitive market, this stream contributes significantly to Zomato’s earnings.

Zomato Gold & Subscription Services

How Zomato Earns Money

Zomato Gold, a subscription service, offers exclusive benefits to users, such as discounts and offers, while generating steady revenue for Zomato. Restaurants part of this program also pay a fee, benefiting from increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Booking & Ticketing

Zomato has ventured into event management with Zomaland, a food carnival featuring live entertainment. Revenue from ticket sales adds another dimension to Zomato’s income sources.

White Label Services

Zomato provides custom app development services for restaurants, enabling them to set up their own food delivery platforms. This B2B service diversifies Zomato’s revenue streams while strengthening its market position.

Zomato Kitchens

In a unique move, Zomato collaborates with businesses to offer kitchen infrastructure services. This not only aids restaurants in expanding their reach but also ensures a steady income flow for Zomato through rental and service charges.

Marketing Strategies of Zomato

Zomato’s marketing strategies are a blend of digital campaigns and strategic partnerships. Its collaborations with various brands and integration with popular payment gateways have enhanced its market presence. Zomato’s user-friendly interface and customer-centric promotions keep it ahead in the competitive food delivery landscape.

Challenges and Competitions

Despite its success, Zomato faces stiff competition from other food delivery services. Operational challenges, such as maintaining quality and timely delivery, are constant. However, Zomato’s ability to innovate and adapt keeps it at the forefront of the industry.

Future Prospects for Zomato

The future looks promising for Zomato. With plans to expand into new markets and diversify its services, Zomato is poised for further growth. Its adaptability to market trends and customer preferences will continue to be its driving force.


Q: How does Zomato ensure quality in its services? A: Zomato maintains strict quality checks and collaborates closely with restaurants to ensure high standards.

Q: What makes Zomato different from other food delivery apps? A: Zomato’s diverse revenue streams, extensive restaurant network, and user-centric features set it apart.

Q: How has Zomato adapted to changing market demands? A: Zomato continuously innovates its services, embracing technology and customer feedback to stay relevant.


How Zomato Earns Money now you know this from our article Zomato’s journey from a simple menu-listing service to a global food delivery giant is a story of innovation, adaptability, and understanding market dynamics. Its multifaceted business model not only serves the gastronomic desires of millions but also provides a robust platform for restaurants to thrive. As Zomato continues to expand and evolve, it stands as a beacon of success in the food tech industry. This is How Zomato Earns Money.

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