How to do SEO for a new website or blog for free (Complete Guide) │For beginners

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. The practice of SEO helps to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. Besides, SEO helps your brand to stand among others as a trustworthy company. Also, it ensures the further improvement of a company. Search engine optimization includes simple things like researching and incorporating keywords into the content. However, it requires a little bit of technical knowledge, like creating an XML sitemap. However, search engine optimization takes both money and time. But if you are short on money, you can use the how-to-do-it-yourself tips to make your website SEO optimized. So, if you are concerned about How to do SEO for website free Then follow this post to know more. Let’s have a look at the valuable tips to make your website SEO optimized.

Know your target audience

How to do SEO for website free

To make your website SEO optimized or How to do SEO for website free the very first step is to know the audience. Without SEO, your website won’t rank on Google. And who searches for your website? The audience or the customers of your specific brand. So the audience is the one for whom you need to optimize the website. Therefore, to do SEO on your website, you must know your target audience well. To know your target audience, you need to get knowledge about their needs, geographic location, sex, and age. By knowing this information, you can understand what keywords and content are related to your audience. Instead of relying on Google’s results only; you can use some tools to know your audience well. Such tools will let you know more information about your target audience.

Know your competition well

how to do SEO for website free
Know your competitors

To make your content rank on Google, you must know your competition well. Therefore, you have to identify your organic search competitors. It is not necessary to search the sites only that sell exact products. Also, you need to keep an eye on other informational sites that compete for the exact phrases. You can follow Vogue magazine, Walmart, and Wikipedia to get a better idea about their SEO strategies. This way, you will know how the top websites do the organic search and how they target their audience. Also, you can follow their social media activity so that you can get more ideas about search engine optimization.

Improve the title tags

The next step is to improve the title tags. Title tags are the main thing that makes your content more attractive. It also gives your content a better place on Google. Therefore, you must make the title tags more interesting. Also, make your title tags relevant to your content. Thus, your content will stand out among the other websites.

Master your keyword research

How to do SEO for website free

A good SEO program depends on proper keyword research. If you want to know how to do keyword research for SEO, know the phrases of actual searches, and determine the targeting keywords. Do proper research to know the customer’s demand. Also, you can use keyword tools that provide a demand score for each theme. You can use the Google keyword planner as it’s free. We recommend you use the free keyword tools.


 Map the keywords

How to do SEO for website free

After choosing the keywords, you need to map those keywords. To do this, you have to create a spreadsheet of all the critical pages in your site’s navigation. Then map the unique primary and the secondary keywords. And create new pages for the unassigned high-value keywords.

On-page SEO

Next, you need to learn on-page SEO. But do you know what is on-page SEO? On-pageSEO includes elements on the site that you can control, like the meta description and title tag. So, to make your website SEO optimized, you must get a fair idea about the On-page SEO.

Off-page SEO

The next step is to connect people to your content. To do this, you have to focus on off-page SEO. Here, you need to get links from reputed sites. This strategy ensures a boost in the ranking of your website. But getting links is not that easy. However, don’t buy links. You have to be patient and dedicated to this. Make sure to prepare great content that people will share willingly. You can research well to make good content. Thus, you will do the off-page SEO successfully.

Produce content regularly │ Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. This statement works for content writing as well. For better SEO, you need to produce regular content. Regularity doesn’t mean to post every day. At least you need to post content weekly or monthly. Also, make sure to share unique content and use photos, videos, and illustrations to make your content more engaging.

Build a social media network

How to do SEO for website free

Social media is a great platform to connect with your target audience. Therefore, you must build a social media network. However, you need to create a social media account relevant to your business. You can use Instagram or Pinterest if you have attractive images. And, to create engaging videos, you can use YouTube.

Read more SEO posts

How to do SEO for my website free you can study SEO guides like SEO how-to series. Other SEO guides for beginners will be helpful for you. It will help you to get a more deep idea about search engine optimization. With the passing of time, the SEO guides are also changing. Therefore, you must follow YouTube to know more about SEO updates. Also, you can read trusted SEO blogs to gain more knowledge.

Boost your link equity

How to do SEO for website free

Link equity means the quantity of high-quality, irrelevant sites that link to your website. Link equity and context relevance are vital for ranking factors. Combined links are the content marketing helps to boost your link equity easily. Presently, Google advises site owners to create coercive websites to engage more audiences.


Still, if you are concerned about How to do SEO for website free then follow the mentioned tips. Undoubtedly, these are the best tips that you need to follow to optimize your website. Besides, you don’t need to spend a single penny. Just, follow these steps and make an excellent website and engage more audience.

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