Top 5 Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools Of 2022

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools Of 2020

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools of 2022

If you own bitcoin and cryptocurrency and you are diversifying your portfolio then you need few cryptocurrency asset management tools.

There are number of tools out there to manage your assets and it sometimes get confusing to pick up best that will work for you.

So here are the top 5 cryptocurrency asset management tools of 2022 :-

1.Blockfolio: Cryptocurrency portfolio management app

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools Of 2020

Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking solution available on Android and iOS, with Blockfolio you can keep a track of all your coins at one place and manage your portfolio easily.

If you are a crypto enthusiast and you own a lot of crypto coins then this is the app which will help you to keep a track of them. It features over 1600+ cryptocurrency and 100+ exchanges. You can easily add a transaction and your coin will be added to your portfolio.

It have a lot features like price alert, ICO signals and multiple portfolio.


2.Exchange: Binance


Binance is one of the most popular and trusted exchange in the world which also makes Binance an essential crypto asset management tool due to its ease-of-use, reputation for security and low fees.

You can get most of the popular ALT coins on Binance and it also lists new coins through it’s exclusive token launch platform.

Binance also includes these features :-

  • Margin Trading
  • Spot Trading
  • Crypto Lending
  • Crypto Staking
  • Buy Crypto With Fiat

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3.Hardware Wallet: Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano X

Hardware wallets are secure, offline devices. They store your cryptocurrency offline so it can’t be hacked. The cost of hardware wallets are around 60-70$ and keeping your coins in a hardware wallet is safer than desktop and android wallets.

The Ledger Nano S (or the more expensive Nano X) is one of the best hardware wallet and it supports all major cryptocurrencies, and any kind of ERC 20 tokens.


4.Debit card: Crypto Cards

cro coin

Cryptocurrency debit cards were invented to solve the problem of using digital coins for day-to-day expenses and it is a recent development in the Blockchain world.

The app-based bank is useful for those who travel frequently and its Visa
Debit Multicurrency Travelcard automatically converts more cryptocurrencies at the point of sale, allowing the user to easily spend their crypto and multiple currencies in real life.

Crypto Com cards are currently availble for these countries :-

  • UK
  • USA
  • Singapore

5.Mobile wallet: TRUST Wallet

trust wallet

Just like Hardware wallet mobile wallet is also an essential crypto asset management tool for the crypto holders as it allows quick and easy access to your assets as well as the ability to send coins as quickly as sending an email.

You can use TRUST wallet as your primary cryptocurrency mobile wallet. It is one of the most popular and trusted wallet on android which allows users to store a variety of crypto coins, also it is Binance exchange’s official wallet which makes it even more reliable.


The cryptocurrency asset management tools listed above will allow the experienced crypto traders to have complete control over their assets, in terms of spending, buying/selling and storing.

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