The Boys Season 4 is Almost Here! Did You Forget Who Got Super-Juiced and Who Lost it All? (Fear Not, We Got You!)

Season 1-3 Cliffhangers: A Mind-Blowing Recap (No Spoilers!) 

Season 1:  Did Translucent Really Get… Obliterated? 

Season 2: Can Starlight Survive in Vought's Corrupt System? 

Season 3:  Who is Soldier Boy, and Why is He Back to Cause Chaos? 

Season 3:  Butcher Got Temp-V Powers, But What's the Cost? 

Season 3:  Homelander Snapped! Is There Anything Left to Stop Him? 

Feeling Super Prepared? You're Ready to Dive into The Boys Season 4! Let's See What Diabolical Plans Are Afoot!