Scientists Extract RNA from Extinct Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine Species)

RNA Extraction Milestone: Scientists have successfully extracted RNA molecules from an extinct species, marking a significant achievement.

Thylacine Background: The thylacine, a carnivorous marsupial, once inhabited Australia but was systematically hunted and became extinct in 1936.

De-Extinction Efforts: The thylacine is on the list of species targeted for "de-extinction" through genetic engineering, alongside the mammoth and dodo.

Transcriptome Importance: In addition to DNA, scientists need the thylacine's transcriptome (RNA blueprint) to understand gene expression and regulation.

RNA Extraction Method: Researchers in Sweden have developed a method to extract ancient RNA from a 130-year-old thylacine specimen preserved in a museum collection.

RNA Analysis: They successfully extracted and purified millions of RNA fragments from the thylacine's skin and muscle tissue, identifying genes and even fragments from viruses.

Building a Complete Picture: This study aids in understanding the thylacine's biology, contributing to de-extinction efforts by providing valuable genetic information.