Fill in Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses 2.0: Livestreaming and Enhanced Featuressome text

Disappointing Predecessor: The original Ray-Ban Stories fell short of sales goals, with around 90% of owners abandoning the hardware.

Livestreaming Capabilities: The new smart glasses can livestream video to Facebook and Instagram, a significant improvement over their predecessor.

Classic Design: Available in classic Wayfarer and Headliner styles, the glasses look like standard eyewear, with discreet 12-megapixel cameras and LED recording indicators.

Privacy Measures: Meta has added safeguards to prevent unauthorized recording, including an LED light and notifications if the light is covered.

Open-Ear Speakers: The glasses feature open-ear speakers that can get 50% louder than the previous model, though they lack passive noise cancellation.

Customization: Users can choose from over 150 design combinations, including frame color, style, and lens options, from sunglasses to prescription lenses.

Availability: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are available for pre-order in select markets and will go on sale starting October 12, with prices starting at $299.