Ransomware Group Claims Sony Breach and Data Sale Threat

Ransomware Group Claims Sony Breach: Ransomware group Ransomed.vc has claimed to have successfully breached Sony Group and is threatening to sell stolen data.

Unverified Claims: The authenticity of the claims remains unverified, but the group asserts that it has compromised all of Sony's systems.

Impressive Victim Count: Ransomed.vc, a relatively new ransomware group, has reportedly accumulated a significant number of victims since emerging last month.

Data Sale Threat: The group intends to sell the stolen data due to Sony's refusal to pay the ransom, with a "post date" for data publication set for September 28 if no purchase is made.

Contents of Proof-of-Hack: Some proof-of-hack data has been posted, including screenshots of internal login pages, PowerPoint presentations, Java files, and a file tree with fewer than 6,000 files.

Ransomed.vc's Claims: The group operates as both a ransomware operator and a ransomware-as-a-service organization, claiming to address data security vulnerabilities in compliance with GDPR and data privacy laws.

Historical Context: Sony experienced a major security breach in 2011, affecting its PlayStation Network, resulting in significant costs and legal actions.