Love & Hip Hop Fallout: Erica Mena Responds to Panel Discussion on Racism and Colorism

Controversial Remarks: Erica Mena faced backlash for using a racist/colorist slur against Spice, leading to her firing from Love & Hip Hop

Apology and Responsibility: Mena apologized for her insensitive comment, taking full responsibility and emphasizing that it was not racially motivated.

Panel Discussion: Love & Hip Hop and Color of Change presented a program on racism and colorism, featuring alumni like Spice and Yandy Smith.

Mena's Response: Erica Mena questioned her exclusion from the panel discussion and accused the network of using her to save face.

Network's Statement: Mena suggested that the network's statement was prompted by public backlash rather than genuine belief in her remark as a racial slur.

Mockery Allegation: She criticized the network for allegedly making a mockery by involving individuals who had made similar comments in the past.

Franchise's Portrayal: Mena expressed concerns about how the franchise has historically depicted its cast members and thanked her supporters.