Google's Remarkable 25-Year Journey

Larry Page and Sergey Brin: A Humble Beginning – Started as doctoral students at Stanford University – Birth of "BackRub" project, which evolved into Google – The inspiration behind the name "Google"

From Garage to Global Giant – Received $100,000 investment from Andy Bechtolsheim – Moved into their first office, a rented garage – Transforming the internet into a sorted landscape

Beyond Search: Google's Expanding Universe – Impacting billions with products like YouTube, Android, Gmail, and Google Map – Becoming Yahoo's default search engine in 2000 – Introduction of AdWords in 2000, laying the foundation for online advertising dominance

Revolutionizing Email: The Birth of Gmail – Gmail's launch in 2004 with a groundbreaking 1GB of storage – Challenging competitors like YahooMail and Hotmail – Google's initial public offering in August 2004

Venturing into New Territorie – Entering the mobile market with the acquisition of Android in 2005 – Google Talk and YouTube acquisition in 2006 – Expanding online advertising influence with DoubleClick in 2007

Embracing Innovation: Google's Future – Unveiling the T-Mobile G1, Google's first Android phone in 2008 – Launching the Chrome web browser – Exploring new frontiers with Google Glass and mapping startup Waze – Birth of Alphabet, Google's parent company, with Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google

The Road Ahead: Google's 25th Birthday – CEO Sundar Pichai's vision for Google's future, focusing on AI – A quarter-century of innovation, with AI playing a pivotal role – The challenges and opportunities ahead for Google in the next 25 year