Discord Is Down: Users Facing Login Issue.

Massive Server Outage Discord users are encountering login issues, with some receiving a "Sorry, you have been blocked" pop-up when attempting to access their accounts.

Web and Desktop Impact The server issues appear to affect Discord's web and desktop applications, causing widespread disruptions in user access.

DownDetector Reports DownDetector, a service monitoring website outages, confirms the platform's downtime, primarily due to server connection problems.

Mobile App Functioning Interestingly, Discord's mobile app remains unaffected by the outage and continues to work as expected.

User Reports on Social Media Many users have taken to platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit to report the issue and share their experiences.

Access to Chats and Histories Even for users who manage to log in, there are reports of difficulties accessing chats and chat histories.

Discord's Response Discord has acknowledged the server outage and is actively investigating the issue. While there's no precise timeline for resolution, they assure users that a fix is in progress.