Counter-Strike 2: 7 Crucial Tips for Mastering the New Shooter

Dynamic Smokes: In CS2, use HE grenades instead of shooting through smokes for better visibility.

Dual M4s: Customize your buy menu to have both M4 variants available for greater versatility.

CS Rating in Premier Matchmaking: Play Premier mode to earn and improve your CS Rating, offering map bans and diverse map choices.

Pre-Fire Strategy:  Counter lag issues by pre-firing corners and holding angles, anticipating enemy movements.

Map Familiarity: Explore updated maps before entering Premier matchmaking, as CS2 maps have seen changes.

Learn from Limited Tests: Leverage insights from players who participated in Limited Tests to improve your CS2 gameplay.

Adapt and Evolve: Stay flexible and open to new strategies as CS2 evolves with player experiences and feedback.