Colin Kaepernick Offers to Join New York Jets' Practice Squad

Kaepernick's Request: Kaepernick wrote a letter to the New York Jets expressing his willingness to join their practice squad.

Practice Squad Role: He requested this role to help the team prepare, even if it means not being on the primary roster.

Zach Wilson's Struggles: The Jets' current starting quarterback, Zach Wilson, has faced challenges in recent games.

Supportive Approach: Kaepernick offered to boost Wilson's confidence and support his role as QB1.

Injury to Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers, the Jets' star quarterback, suffered a season-ending injury early in the season.

Dedication to the Team: Kaepernick emphasized his dedication and passion for helping the team succeed.

Controversial Exit: Kaepernick left the NFL seven years ago in a controversial manner, sparking debates on social issues.