BlizzCon 2023: Additional Tickets on Sale September 29, In-Person Program Announcements

Third Wave of Ticket Sales Blizzard is set to release a third wave of tickets for BlizzCon 2023, offering more opportunities for fans to attend the event in person.

Ticket Sale Date The ticket sale is scheduled for Friday, September 29, at 12pm PDT, so mark your calendars if you want to secure your spot at BlizzCon.

Ticketing Through AXS Tickets will be available through AXS, so it's recommended to create an AXS account in advance if you don't have one already.

Purchase Limit Each transaction allows a maximum purchase of two tickets, ensuring more fans have a chance to attend.

Age Restrictions BlizzCon content includes mature-rated material, making it unsuitable for children under 7 years old. Attendees under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Free Live Streaming For those unable to attend in person, Blizzard will offer free live streaming of all arena content at BlizzCon 2023.

BlizzCon Collection Details about the BlizzCon Collection, which replaces the Virtual Ticket and includes in-game goodies, will be announced soon. Fans can look forward to exciting in-game content.