WATCH: 5 Best moments from Marvel’s Black Panther New Trailer

black panther trailer

Marvel’s fan were waiting for Infinity War trailer, but they got a surprise and Black Panther’s latest trailer was released. This film looks very different from other MCU films and the fans are eagerly waiting for Chadwik Boseman as Black Panther to arrive on the big screen for the second time. (Previously Chadwik Boseman was seen as Black Panther in Civil War 2016)

Marvel’s Black Panther new trailer is packed with a lot of action sequence, a dream shot, closer look at the technology in Wakanda, Killmonger Vs Black Panther and much more.

5. Dora Milaje in action

black panther trailer

Dora Milaje are a team of women who serve as special forces for Wakanda and are bodyguards for the Black Panther.

4. Wakanda’s Advanced Technology

black panther trailer

The second trailer reveals more about the technology of Wakanda. Wakanda is the most technologically advanced nation in Marvel Universe and the trailer depicts it well. This member of Dora Milaje is seen controlling the jet with her mind.

3. Killmonger in Action

black panther trailer

Killmonger is the primary villain of this movie, he seeks to overthrow T’Challa and rule Wakanda in his own way. It is interesting to note that he also have a Panther suit. There is a strong possibility that he stole it from T’challa because there is more than one Panther suits in the movie.

2. Black Panther in Action: All Hail The King (RIP KING)

black panther trailer

Black Panther looks Badass in this scene and also in rest of the trailer. We can see major upgrades in the suit of Black Panther like the nano tech armour and ability to emit energy blasts. There is a lot of action sequences including a fight with Killmonger, a chase sequence featuring ‘Klaue’ and tribal fights without the armour.

1. Beauty of Wakanda

black panther trailer

This is probably the best moment in the trailer, the visuals are beautiful. But what is this place ? We can see multiple Panthers watching T’Challa approaching. Are they the representative of Panther Gods ? Well we have to wait till 9th February 2018 to know all this.

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